buy accutane pills online Who is the famous Ginger Cat, he who hath no name? Well he does have a name, or rather they do. For our business is named after my two ginger cats, how to order Pregabalin taper Spencer and http://thehistoryhacker.com/2013/12/25/macbeth-internet-style-part-3/ Ginger. Spencer, elegant, demanding and regal in his demeanour, Ginger, not so much.

This web development company was formed on the back of working in digital for a decade, and the understanding we got of what is missing for website owners. When looking for web design agencies for our own sites, we would get quoted £100,000, or £200, for the same job – but why was one worth more than the other, was one, or neither, or both, a scam? And why did we need to go to London for meetings for one, or get the other in a week! It made no sense.

The answer is probably that neither are a scam, they offer different things. But from a customer point of view, I wanted a quick, good quality website, at a fair price, and that was easy to use so it wouldn’t mean my team needing training to use it.

At the same, we worked with individual developers, graphic artists, copywriters, SEO professionals, and more, and found a great network that we could use going forward. And that became the basis for Ginger Cat Digital. 

We pooled together excellent freelance web designers, graphic designers, and SEO-ers, who build you a simple to use WordPress website, that looks great, as simply as possible, quickly, and with prices starting from £500.

And then I named it after my cats.